The AlphaCOM Media Companies Mission

To be recognized as an industry leader in the direct sales and marketing industry.

The AlphaCOM Media Companies Vision

To build a reputation founded on integrity, quality, customer service and results.
  • To develop cutting-edge sales and marketing techniques that maximize sales closeout potential and to encourage long-term customer product loyalty.
  • To expand our presence across many industries, and throughout the United States.

The AlphaCOM Media Companies Values

  • Core business principles of success: compassion, diversity, honesty, integrity, perseverance, and respect, leading to long-term client relationships.
  • The skills, talents, dedication and professionalism of AlphaCOM people.
  • A commitment to excellence, providing quality service to clients and customers
  • We value our people.
  • We hold ourselves accountable.
  • We provide equal opportunity for all.


Media Companies

phone - (631) 209-7735
fax - (631) 389-2406